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Healthy Harmless Home


The homes we live in can be a source of great comfort and joy, but they can also be challenging in terms of our overall health and well-being. A hundred years ago, our homes tended to be healthier places to live in because, for the most part, they were drafty and built with lumber and materials that did not outgas as much as they do today. Our homes today, however, tend to be very energy efficient, tightly constructed, and well insulated, with very low infiltration rates of outdoor air, and they are often unhealthy to live in—unless they have certain HVAC accessories and indoor air-quality improvement products.

This book will list and describe early-warning danger signs of an unhealthy home. Each chapter will focus on a particular indoor pollutant or house characteristic that might lead to home-induced illnesses. A recurring theme will be how to diagnose the problems and what solutions are available. A good diagnosis is critical and may be best done by a certified indoor air-quality assessor or indoor environmental professional. Many of the recommended solutions will be HVAC related (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) and best installed by a qualified HVAC contractor.


  • How to have your home tested for possible indoor air pollutants.
  • What are the healthy and harmful levels of common indoor pollutants.
  • Why high relative humidity levels are so bad indoors and how to control it.
  • How the new indoor air quality monitors can control ventilation systems.
  • Why indoor air pressures are so important and how to change them.
  • Why mold spores are measured so frequently and how they can be an indicator of other indoor air concerns.
  • What HVAC indoor air-quality products are best to install in your home.
  • Why many homes are so dusty indoors and particle counters are all about.
  • Why radon and carbon monoxide are so troublesome and potentially deadly.


  • Why are homes less healthy now, and what can be done about it.
  • What are some early-warning signs for a possible unhealthy home.
  • Is mold as bad as the Internet says it can be, and can it be dangerous to your health.
  • Why are water events inside your home so important to properly take care of.
  • Why should you rely on your nose as a diagnostic tool for possible indoor air problems.
  • What can be living in the dust in your home.
  • Why are radon and carbon monoxide potentially silent killers.
  • What are some new technologies for cleaning up indoor air problems.
  • What are some wonderful HVAC solutions for indoor air pollution.
  • What comprises the helpful checklist for a Hergott-designed healthy, harmless home.
  • What are the author-recommended products and services.